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10 Cheap Classic Muscle Cars You Can Still Afford

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1. COPO Camaro

America loves speed, and the Camaro is one of the wildest and most powerful muscle cars that one can own. Most Camaros will cost you in the range of $400,000 in an auction for a car that is fully restored and ready to hit the roads. But, if you take the time to look around, you are bound to find a COPO Camaro at a real bargain for a lot less. While you cannot expect a fully restored car that is in mint condition for a price like that, it is definitely a great starting point for one that is still in relatively good shape and running. If you put in a little more time, efforts to restore it and, of course, a little extra cash, you will find that you have made an excellent investment in one of the planet’s best motoring experiences. You will love this car with its plain vanilla Camaro badges!

The classic muscle car scene is wide and various, and there are certainly many options not listed here, so don’t be afraid to do some independent research on the matter as well. Now, however, it is time to explore the answers to a few frequently asked questions that you may have in mind.

FAQs about Classic Muscle Cars

Where Can I Buy Muscle Cars?

The best place to find muscle, pony or classic sports cars is online. You will find trusted sites with listings of reliable sellers offering thousands of muscle cars for sale, both new and used. You can also find dealers in your area as well as prices and photos of muscle cars on offer. Those looking for muscle cars at the most affordable prices can also find the info they need on cheap muscle, pony, and other classic cars.

What Are Cheap Classic Cars to Restore?

When restoring classic cars, there are a few factors that need to be considered, including model, year, engine and color combination, as well as options like power windows, air conditioning, power steering, power brakes, etc. These are nice to have if you plan on driving the car in the modern world. These options also add quite a bit of value to it. Some of the most affordable classic cars to restore are the Ford Mustang (1964 to 1966), the Fiat Spider, Ford Thunderbird (1961 to 1966), Chevrolet Nova (1968 to 1970) and Oldsmobile Cutlass (1968 to 1972).

How do I Buy Cheap Muscle Cars?

When buying any classic car, there are certain questions you should ask the seller before making a decision. These include:

  • How long have you owned the car?
  • Why have you decided to sell the car?
  • Are you aware of any repairs that the car needs?
  • If you were to do any repairs, what would they be?
  • How often do you drive the car?
  • Is there a good “unbranded” title to the vehicle that I can take a look at?
  • Would you have any concerns about driving the car for long distances or taking it on a road rally?
  • Is there any significant rust anywhere on the car?
  • Do you sell classic cars often?
  • Would have a problem if an inspector came to check out the car?

What Are Some Classic Muscle Cars I Can Find Today?

There are many classic cars out there that are extremely undervalued, according to experts, or just now becoming collectible. This is what makes them affordable – for now at least. Take a look at some of the cheap classic cars available today:

  • Datsun 240Z (1970 to 1973)
  • Ford Mustang Mach 1 428 Cobra jet (1969 to 1970)
  • Triumph TR6 (1969 to 1973)
  • Porsche 914 2.0 (1972 to 1975)

Will I Get Financing for a Classic Muscle Car?

It is unlikely you will get financing options for old muscle cars. However, you may be able to get leasing and loan options on some models instead of having to shell out cold cash. Research online to find a number of institutions that do provide exciting finance options on the muscle car you have set your heart upon.

Is It Expensive to Restore a Classic Muscle Car?

How much you spend to restore an old muscle car depends on its condition. Most car owners take great pride in keeping their muscle cars in tip-top condition. Also, there are a number of garages and dealers that do service and restore muscle cars of all models at rather competitive rates.

A classic muscle car isn’t as expensive as the name suggests. You can buy yourself an affordable muscle car from a car collector’s garage or even at a dealership near you. Test drive the car and go through the specifications of the vehicle before you drive it off the dealership lot.

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