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10 Forgotten Classic Cadillac Models You Probably Never Knew Existed

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1974-1976 Sixty Special Fleetwood Talisman

Sixty Special was never an actual model inside Caddy’s lineup, but it appeared almost consistently as top tier trim level between 1938 and 1993. The most significant Sixty Special was probably the Fleetwood Brougham Talisman offered during mid-seventies. This $1,800 option was so refined that it eliminated Brougham badging from the car.

Only thing longer than its name was the car itself. Having a 133-inch wheelbase and covering almost 20-feet of pavement, Talisman was also one of the longest Cadillacs ever. It practically offered all Fleetwood convenience options in one package, and then added Medici crushed velour upholstery, 40/40 split front and rear seats (1974 only), and a full padded elk grain vinyl roof. These unique 1974 offerings added $2,400 upon already expensive Caddy. Total price tag came at around $13,200 which was how much president’s classic Cadillac Fleetwood Seventy-Five limousines cost back then.

Like their DeVille counterparts, Sixty Specials too were powered by largest available V8 offerings. For 1974, that was 472 cu in V8. A mill that got replaced by 500 cu in V8 the following year. Total of 4,336 Talismans were built over three years. Sadly, only around 75 of them have been accounted for. To this day, Sixty Special Fleetwood Talisman remains one of the most luxurious Cadillacs ever offered in these low, yet definitely high enough to be considered serial production numbers.

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