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10 Forgotten Classic Cadillac Models You Probably Never Knew Existed

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1978 Eldorado Custom Biarritz Classic

Speaking of most luxurious Caddy’s, 1978 Custom Biarritz package offered on Eldorado, itself cost as much as $2,466. Or $3,547 if astroroof installed by the American Sunroof Corporation was your opera lights riddled top of choice. $3,347 sunroof was another option. Biarritz package was available since 1976, but it was never as luxurious as during seventh generation Eldorado’s farewell year. 2,000 in total were made; 1,499 ones with padded landau vinyl top, 475 with astroroofs, 25 with sunroofs and 1 with power sliding T-top.

Every single one of them was painted two-tone Arizona Beige and Demitasse Brown with matching wheel covers. Similar theme continued on inside where ’78 Eldorado Custom Biarritz Classic received exquisite two-tone leather seats surrounded by natural wood trim.

The same way they all received identical paint scheme, they also came with a single engine. For ’76 through ’78, that was 425 cu in V8 capable of making 180 horsepower. A downgrade from 500 cu in offering from prior years, but still impressive enough. It’s not that Custom Biarritz Classic is completely forgotten. It’s just that there weren’t too many of them around to begin with. And they were still a one year only offering.

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