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10 Underrated and Still Affordable Classic Cars

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1969-1976 Triumph TR6

Let’s face it: US market exclusive TR250 (otherwise known as TR5) is far from affordable at $35,000 on average. But that isn’t the case with TR6 which succeeded it in 1969. TR6 was the first Triumph car in the US to feature direct fuel injection. TR5 also sported Lucas mechanical fuel-injection, but only overseas. US-designated TR250’s came with twin Zenith-Stromberg carburettors instead. TR6’s are scarce these days, but they can be obtained for around $12,000 on average.

Apart from already mentioned Lucas injection, Triumph TR6 sported 2.5L straight-six engine capable of making 150 horsepower. It also had front disc brakes, independent rear suspension, and rack and pinion steering. But TR6’s most appealing asset was its body. Not just any body, but one made by Karmann.

Below that masterfully chiseled shell, however, beat the heart of a spartan. Like most British cars from back in the day, Triumph TR6 too suffered from lack of contemporary solutions. Cabin was small, ride was hectic, and chassis was based on 20 year old technology. In fact, TR6 wasn’t much more advanced than its distant predecessor the TR2 introduced back in 1953. Still, there isn’t a car enthusiast that wouldn’t enjoy this sports car’s open top, imposing exhaust notes and overall feeling of being alone on the road when in one.

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