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20 of the Most Awkward and Ugliest Concept Cars of the Past 20 Years

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Pontiac Aztek

Year: 1999
Another one of Detroit Auto Show busts, this one doesn’t come as a surprise really. What still baffles me, however, is the fact the car actually got the green light. Not only that, but it was basically carried over straight into production phase with little to no changes. The result was something every respectable car journalist simply had to condemn in his review. Come to think of it, concept actually had a little bit more pizzazz to it than the original, hence it probably looked better. Just slightly, though.

Honda Fuya-Jo

Year: 1999
OK, it might have been presented in Tokyo – and we know a lot of crazy stuff gets revealed there – but still: “What the heck was that thing?” Honda Fuya-Jo is hardly a car. It’s more of a transporter. Since Fuya-Jo essentially translates to “sleepless city”, we can at least try and grasp the idea behind this awkwardest of concepts. It was aimed at “nightbirds” whose way of life demanded a car in which they would be able to fully enjoy their night(s) out. Fuya-Jo’s height which allowed the occupants to stand up and dance, it’s sound system with DJ mixing desk, and bar stool-like seats encouraged exactly that. Still, that doesn’t make it any more appealing to the eye.

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