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20 of the Most Awkward and Ugliest Concept Cars of the Past 20 Years

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Dodge Super8 Hemi

Year: 2001
Built more like a tank than a car, Dodge Super8 Hemi concept was actually a homage to the cars from the fifties. Reversed A pillars, upright windshield, slightly finned tail-lights and bench seat on the inside are all reminiscent of the 50’s era. On the other hand, Super8 managed to be contemporary and futuristic even. It had satellite radio, voice command system, and Infotronic system which enabled Super8 to offer limited internet access. That was back in 2001, mind you. All that didn’t help it look any better than it did.

Honda Unibox

Year: 2001
A see-through car is strange enough, but when it’s also box-shaped and hybrid-powered, then you know it’s a definite oddball. Only in Japan, however, as it first appeared at the Tokyo Auto Show. Apart from the transparent polycarbonate panels, Honda Unibox featured six ultra-lightweight aluminum wheels with built-in shock absorbers, navigation-linked headlights, pedestrian-protection front air bag system, and even two fold-up motorbikes stored within the rear doors. Good enough for 2001, but still ugly as… (you insert the appropriate word).

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