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20 of the Most Awkward and Ugliest Concept Cars of the Past 20 Years

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Mercedes-Benz Bionic Car

Year: 2005
Mercedes-Benz Bionic was introduced at the Deimler Chrysler Innovation Symposium in Washington, D. C. At the time of its introduction, Bionic had only one job in its mind. Lower emissions. Although powered by 1.9L turbodiesel engine, it features up to 80% lower nitrogen oxide emissions – courtesy of its Selective Catalytic Reduction technology. Now, although quite advanced, Mercedes-Benz Bionic doesn’t really showcase the most beautiful of designs. After all, it has been modeled after a fish. Yellow Boxfish that lives in coral reefs, to be more precise.

Nissan Pivo

Year: 2005
Although selecting the original Pivo from the 2005 Tokyo Auto Show, it’s tough deciding which of the three oddball Pivo’s is the ugliest. Pivo 2 from 2007 and Pivo 3 from 2011 Tokyo shows have made quite the cases for themselves too. Anyway, small and awkward Pivo is a 360 degree rotating car which essentially eliminates the need for reversing. Moreover, parking’s easier that way too. But, why in God’s name couldn’t have it looked a little bit more… normal?

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