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20 of the Most Awkward and Ugliest Concept Cars of the Past 20 Years

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Assystem City Car

Year: 2008
Assystem City Car was developed through joint venture between Assystem and Sbarro. Unlike modern concept of the car, Assystem City Car incorporates the novel wheel arrangement. Two wheels in the middle are fixed, while front and rear wheel are able to rotate 180 degrees. That’s neat and handy in city crowds as the name of the car suggests, but yet again, there’s the questionable styling that remains a thorn in our eyes. Not even the swinging doors can help it.

Tang Hua Book of Songs

Year: 2008
Some might find this ugly duckling cute, but as far as concept cars go, Chinese offspring is as bad as they get. Even the name is rather questionable. Book of Songs simply doesn’t sit all that well in the western world and that wouldn’t have been the problem had it not debuted in Detroit. But back to the car itself. Book of Songs by Tang Hua is one small electric car with electric motor up front and no trunk whatsoever. Since we’re already slamming it for its looks, try flipping the image of Book of Songs upside down in your head. Do you see what I see? Let me help you: it starts with the P, has five letters and ends with an S (and that’s the nice way of saying it).

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