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20 of the Most Awkward and Ugliest Concept Cars of the Past 20 Years

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Sbarro Autobau

Year: 2010
Just like Assystem City Car which was revealed in Geneva and in which Sbarro had their hands involved, Autobau too was first presented in Switzerland. And boy, did it shock the crowd! It’s easily one of the ugliest cars we’ve ever seen overall, let alone one of the ugliest concept cars. It was intended as Swiss racer Fredy Lienhard’s tribute, but one wonders if Franco Sbarro secretly hated the guy given Autobau’s aesthetics (or lack of them). At least it’s powered by a beauty – a V-12 Ferrari engine packing 500 horsepower that’s stuck somewhere in the back.

Lexus LF-SA

Year: 2015
Although featuring Lexus’ current design language, LF-SA is simply way too small to ever make production under luxury maker’s wing. Maybe if it was Smart. Then there’s the problem with it being a little bit too ugly for a Lexus as well. Concept cars are expected to be futuristic, free of usual constraints and wacky even, but LF-SA takes all this in the wrong direction. Furthermore, with only 11 feet of length, LF-SA dares to accommodate up to four persons. Well, at least it might try to. I highly doubt it can.

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