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2018 Chevrolet Camaro COPO Debuts Together With the Hot Wheels Edition

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COPO edition might be one of the rarest and most powerful Camaros ever, but only if we exclude every other model apart from the 1969 ZL-1 original. Chevrolet is now offering the drag-prepped COPO Camaro every year, although they still do it silently. 2018 Chevrolet Camaro COPO’s arrival coincides with the arrival of the special 50th anniversary Hot Wheels Edition Camaro. Thus, Chevrolet simply decided to introduce them together.

Another reason for bundling the two together is the fact that the dynamic duo is bound to share a few styling details. Hot Wheels Edition which commemorates the 50th anniversary of the first set of Hot Wheels toys will be finished in Supercrush Orange. It’ll also feature Hot Wheels badging, Satin Graphite stripes with Silver Ice Metallic accents, and, of course, the unique 20-inch wheels.

Jet Black interior, on the other hand, will be broken up by orange seat belts, stitching and inserts. Which leads us to the COPO version that’s supposed to be available with all of the aforementioned exterior trimmings.

As far as the engines go, they’ll also share the new 302 cu in (5.0L) V8 based on the 376 cu in (6.2 L) LT1. This is where the similarities end as drag strip special COPO Camaro ups the ante from here.

It can also be had with the supercharged 350 cu in (5.7L) V8 capable of clocking mid-8 second quarter-miles at nearly 160 mph. Third and last option is the naturally aspirated 427 cu in (7.0L) V8. ATI TH400 3-speed automatic transmission, on the other hand, is a mandatory option.

Hot Wheels Edition of the 2018 Chevrolet Camaro will be limited to 2LT and 2SS models where it’ll cost $4,995 above the proposed price. It won’t be available before the first quarter of 2018, however. COPO models, on the other hand, are already available to order. Don’t get your hopes high, though.

Only 69 of them will be built, and an independent third party will randomly select purchasers from the pool of interested (read registered) customers. It’s safe to assume, there’ll be a lot more than 69 potential COPO Camaro buyers in line.

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