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25 Astounding Concept Cars We Wish Went Into Production

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We can’t help but feel sorry that these concept cars didn’t make it into mass production. Some of them seem really revolutionary. We can only imagine how different the world would be today if these cars were on the roads. Some of the concept cars on the list came from the minds of designers from big car companies, while others were ambitious one-time projects of car enthusiasts.

#25. Ford Seattle-ite XXI – 1962

The first concept car on our list is this Ford from 1962. That decade was really a period when you could’ve expected to see all sorts of cars with peculiar designs. However, it seems this one was too peculiar for Ford to start producing it on a large scale. Instead, the dream of Ford Seattle-ite XXI ended with one 3/8 scale model of the car, exhibited at the 1962 World’s Fair in Seattle. The first thing that everyone notices about this version is that it has three pair of wheels.

#24. Toyota Kikai – 2015

We certainly hope we made a mistake by adding this concept car to our list. Because it was presented only a year ago, Toyota Kikai still has a chance to become a commercial car. We certainly hope so, because the design of it reminds us of sci-fi version of a dune buggy, which we instantly fall in love with.

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