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25 Astounding Concept Cars We Wish Went Into Production

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#21. Dodge Deora – 1965

Harry Bradley worked as a designer of die-cast toy cars in Hot Wheels, before getting a chance to design a proper sized vehicle. Dodge appointed him to develop Deora, a pickup truck based on Dodge A100. With the help of Alexander Brothers, a car customizing company, Bradley was able to manufacture the Deora for the 1967 Detroit Autorama. Unfortunately, the pickup truck didn’t get into mass production, but the original vehicle was sold for $230k, nearly half a century later.

#20. Toyota CX-80 – 1979

At the 1979 Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota presented three different models. One of those was CX-80, a light city car that was designed to be an extremely low fuel consumer. Unluckily, the concept car didn’t make much of an impression for the judges, so it never went into production.

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