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25 Astounding Concept Cars We Wish Went Into Production

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#17. Toyota EX-III – 1969

Three versions of the EX were presented at the 1969 Toyota Motor Show. Toyota EX-III unfortunately didn’t grab too much attention, despite the fact that it was more aerodynamic than the other two versions of this car.

#16. Buick Centurion – 1956

As you’ve probably noticed yourself, Buick was a very creative company back in the 1950s, designing a bunch of concept cars. The problem with making a lot of prototypes is that you just can’t put all of them in production. One of the concept cars that never made it was the 1956 Centurion, which was first presented to the public at the GM Motorama Show. The car was vanguard at least, with features like rear view cameras for example.

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