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7 Secrets of the Original Ford Mustang

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The disappearance of Mustang 100001

Mustang serial # 100001 has been on display at The Henry Ford museum since 1966. The car was built for display only, but was inadvertently invoiced to a dealer in Newfoundland. The dealer sold the car to an airline pilot on April 17, 1964. Ford learned of the sale and tried to buy back the car, but the pilot refused.

Two years later, Ford approached the pilot, this time offering to trade him the 1 millionth Mustang off the line for his car. He accepted. Ford historians consider Mustang 100001 as the closest to the first Mustang that has been discovered. Even though it may not have been the first car off the line when production started on March 9, 1964, it likely was not far behind.

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