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Classic 1968 Racing Camaro Expected To Pull $80,000 Or More At Auction

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When classic race cars hit the auction block, the more history and podiums they’ve seen, the better. In the case of this 1968 Chevrolet Camaro, it was part of an iconic BSCC race at Crystal Palace in 1971. From there, it continued racing right up until recently.

History of the Car

Having only two owners in its entire life, the car’s history is very easy to track for interested bidders. It was bought and built to first compete in the British Saloon Car Championship for the 1970 season. The first owner was Bill Shaw Racing and it was first raced by Roy Pierpoint. He had previously pulled championships in this series but was later joined in driving by Martin Thomas.

In 1971, Martin drove it into first place in the International European Meeting. He also took it top the top at the Miller Craft Meeting and for the Beech Trophy. Between these, he also picked up other spots on the podium as he raced the Camaro to victory.

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