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Hellcat Puts Down Over 1000hp on a Dyno!

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The guys over at Forza Tuned in Indiana are typically low key. Well, as low key as you can be working in a shop that frequently tunes Ferraris, Lamborghinis and other high end cars. Gaining customers typically by word of mouth, Forza Tuned’s owner Brenton Brown has been cranking out high horsepower exotics for 18 years. That all changed when a customer came in with a new Dodge Challenger Hellcat and said “make this the most powerful Hellcat on the road”.

This isn’t an easy feat as Forza Tuned has some stiff competition. For example, Hennessey Performance claims to have a twin-turbo hellcat that puts out 1,032 bhp. Considering 15-20% mechanical losses this would probably dyno around 880 or so. Another contender is High Horse Performance out of Smyrna, Delaware. This youtube video by BigKleib34 shows their Hellcat making 908 hp on the dyno with the help of a little nitrous oxide.

Well as that famous saying goes, the customer is always right. To start, Forza Tuned has four pre-set packages that will give anywhere from 40 to 200 extra wheel horsepower to the all American Hellcat. These packages, labeled stages, range anywhere from new spark plugs and a tune to a custom port and polish to the blower and more. However, with the stage 4 package typically getting only 800-820 to the rear wheels Forza Tuned had some thinking to do.

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