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Hellcat Puts Down Over 1000hp on a Dyno!

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The biggest power restrictor they found was the fuel system so they swapped it out to run on MS109 race gas. Once done, they say the car would likely put down 860-870 hp on the dyno. So how would they pull more power out of a topped out engine? Well, like High Horse, they added nitrous oxide. After adding a 100 shot with a two stage progressive controller, Forza Tuned knew the record would be theirs. The resulting dyno pull put out an insane 1021 hp and 907 lb-ft of torque.

Effectively blowing the doors off the competition, Forza Tuned has created the most powerful Hellcat we are aware of. This isn’t any surprise for anyone who knows them as they previously tuned a Camaro ZL1 to put down about 1,290 hp to the rear wheels. Needless to say, Forza Tuned is a name I’ll be watching from now on. I’m eager to see the next crazy car that comes out of their shop. Until then, check out the video for a quick tour of the shop and the record breaking dyno pull.

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