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Is the Chevy Bolt the Best Affordable Electric Car Ever?

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So how can it go wrong? For one, there will be bugs and issues. Luckily, the have-it-first tech crowd is pretty forgiving as long as the company acknowledges the mistake and fixes it promptly. The tech that goes along with this car looks promising too, with a couple of screens and touch screens making p the entertainment center.

Through these, the weather, driver preferences, driving style, and overall driving skill can be used as factors in determining how the car will perform at that moment. Skill can even be determined by on-board games that keep track of overall skill in driving safely and efficiently and then compare the score to other Bolt owners around the world.

This car could be revolutionary, and I hope that it is both every bit as good as promised and that it is not a buggy, gimmicky mess of a thing that people will look back on with a chuckle. I want the Bolt to work.

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