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Muscle Car Throwdown: 1970 AMC Javelin VS Ford Mustang

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Muscle cars were really getting powerful for the 1970 model year. It seemed as if there was an ever present struggle to be the top car at the drag strip or on the street. This fueled the manufacturers to put increasingly larger engines into their cars, ever upping the horsepower and torque battle. The AMC Javelin and Ford Mustang were no different. But, which is the better car? Read on…

Power numbers:

The amount of power an engine makes is directly related to how fast a muscle car can actually get down the track. Of course, this isn’t the only factor as the entire car works together as a whole.

AMC stuck a big 390 engine between the front fenders that was capable of producing 325 horsepower and a respectable 425 lb-ft of torque. There were also lesser engines available in this car with a 6 cylinder, a 5-liter V8 and a 360 cubic inch small block V8.

Ford had similar engine options, but with a pair of better qualified big-cubed engines. The 428 Cobra jet was only slightly better at 335 horsepower. However, the real monster was the Boss 429 that was rated at 375 ponies.

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