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The Best Daily Driver Sports Cars That Surprise With Comfort and Convenience

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Honda S2000

Of course, the S2000 is the ultimate in daily driver sports cars. It was rather cheap, it was rather fast, it had enough important differentiation compared with the standard cars and, most importantly, it became an automotive icon. Obviously, it is a sports car.

Aside from its fun-to-drive factor, the Honda S2000 is as care-free as it gets. After all, famed Honda reliability is all over this one. And it shows on the market. The car is an old one, but it is not a cheap one. If you want a good car, that is. The best part? Honda execs have recently let on that this car could be up for a revival if enough people ask for it. Start writing those letters, Gearheads!

Fuel Efficiency: 20 mpg (combined)
Price (used): $15,000 – $35,000

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