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The Top 6 Biggest Cars in the World

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The Paramount Group ‘Marauder’

Ok, we admit it, not exactly a production car, but there is a civilian version that can be driven on the roads, so we feel that makes it a contender on the biggest cars in the world list.

To give you some perspective, the Maybach Vision 6 measures up at around 239 inches in length while the gargantuan Marauder measures up to 241.7 inches – not even three inches longer than the Maybach.

Admittedly, it has a curb weight of nearly 22,000 pounds (without armament fitted), and it’s nearly 9 feet tall (104.7 inches). Even so … the same length as a Maybach?

Officially, the Marauder is an ‘armored, mine protected vehicle’ that’s only really available to Governments from around the world. However, if you’re a modern-day dictator with around $425,000 spare change in your pocket, it’s possible that you’d be able to purchase one as well.

The top speed for this beast is around 70 mph, although that’s largely dictated by the tires. There are some upgrades available should you want or need more power, though. As standard, the six-cylinder turbo diesel engine produces 221 horsepower which, if we’re being honest, isn’t even that good in a car that doesn’t weigh the equivalent of half of the planet.

Horsepower can be boosted up to around 300 hp, but unless you start changing other components or rubber, you’re still only hitting 70ish mph. On the standard fuel tanks, the Marauder has a range of around 430 miles, though larger range-extending tanks are available. No specs are available for the size of the standard tank, but given the weight, to get 430 miles, it must be BIG.

It should also be noted that the 430-mile range is for the 4X4 version. Marauder also makes a 6X6 just in case you need some serious off-road capability.

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