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The Top 6 Biggest Cars in the World

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Bentley Mulsanne EWB (Extended Wheel Base)

The standard Mulsanne measures up at just 219.5 inches as standard, whereas the EWB has been stretched by a further 10 inches to give the rear seat passengers a bit more legroom. After all, as is the case with the Rolls, most of the buyers for the Mulsanne won’t actually be driving them.

The new Mulsanne was launched back in 2009 at Pebble Beach, and it was a real crowd pleaser. Even more so if you can get over the $300,000+ price tag, and that’s before you start adding toys. Again, similar to the Phantom, it’s doubtful that most customers will opt for the ‘base’ model.

With 114 paint colors, 21 carpet colors, 9 veneers, and 24 different leather hides to choose from, the specifications and configurations can vary considerably, and that’s just the off-the-shelf options; Bentley, of course, offers full customization.

Weighing in at close to 6,000 pounds wet, it needs a hefty powerplant to get everything rolling, and Bentley doesn’t disappoint. A 6.75-liter twin-turbocharged V8 rests under the hood and produces 505 horsepower. The management system is pretty clever, allowing for cylinder deactivation when not needed to improve fuel efficiency.

Now let’s get back to the options: A custom luxury bottle cooler with space for two champagne bottles? Check. Hand-cut lead crystal champagne flutes? Yep. Fine duck down filled loose seating cushions? Of course. Airline style tray tables? Why not?

Not only does Bentley offer the tray table, but the EWB also has airline style seating in the rear with an extending leg rest – perfect for when the electric privacy curtains are in place.

While the Mulsanne may not be the biggest car in the world, it certainly deserves its spot in the list.

The Biggest Cars in the World

As you can see, even just keeping to manufacturers rather than home-grown ‘inventions’, the choices for the biggest cars in the world are many and range from reasonable money right through to billionaire transport.

Yes, we could have included minivans and the like, perhaps even a regular SUV, but they’re all just … samey. For many of us, we may never be able to afford the likes of the Rolls-Royce or Bentley, but that doesn’t stop us looking, dreaming and wanting, does it?

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