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The Ugliest, Most Questionable Concept Cars Ever

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2007 Nissan Pivo 2

The Nissan Pivo 2 is a high mobility urban vehicle concept. The platform consists of a frame containing the battery pack with wheels at each corner, electric motors in each hub. For maneuverability the cabin spins 360 degrees. So there’s never any backing up. OK so far.

The cabin though is an Isetta that’s spent too much time in a Sanrio store. And like the Isetta, both provide access to the interior via a single front-facing door (which, like in the Isetta, means your feet are the crumple zone). But the real weirdness is in the interior, where control functions are interfaced through the voice of a little robot imbedded in the dash, sort of like a creepy R2 unit.

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